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Is now a good time to sell your business

Is the UK economy turning a corner? Chancellor George Osborne certainly thinks that this is the case. We think that now may well be a good time to sell your business if that is something you are mulling over in your mind. In a speech in London, Mr Osborne cited…

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Don’t leave a Business Sale too Late

Selling your Business when Things get Tough? As most people will realise, Comet went into administration at the beginning of November. With around 6,000 staff and 243 stores this is undoubtedly a major business failure in the UK. One message that comes out here and should provide a lesson for…

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Simplified Packages Announced

In order to simplify the available options we have now announced a range of simplified packages to help you decide which is best for your business. Of course we will continue to offer tailored packages as we understand that every deal has different requirements. we do feel however that this simplified approach will help…

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