Sell a Business with Peace of Mind

Deciding to sell a business can be a daunting prospect and here at Cestrian Business Sales, we offer help and advice on how to go about it. We will help draw up the terms of sale and then market the business. Our aim is to ensure you get the maximum value from the sale.

We offer a confidential service and at every step of the way, you retain full control of your company’s confidential data. Just leave us to manage the sale process allowing you to carry on focusing on the businesses day to day needs.

When you do sell a business, it is often the culmination of years of work. It can be a difficult, emotional and time-consuming task. It is not something that many managers or owners do more than once. You have to get it right first time and this is why you need professional support. When you decide to sell your business, our will need support for the following:

  • The advice you will need
  •  Grooming the business for sale
  •  The sale process
  •  Negotiation tips

To view our briefing “Selling a Business” click here.

We offer a free appraisal to anyone looking to sell a business. Why not give us a call on 01244 345000 or alternately email us. There is no obligation to proceed if you find the time is not right so what have you got to loose?